ISO 14001 Training


This training course is designed to provide basic knowledge in environmental management systems and the requirements of ISO 14001.


At the end of this course participants should be familiar with:

  • the concepts of environmental management;
  • the concepts of management in relation to the environment; and
  • ISO 14001 requirements.


  • What is the Environment?
  • Environmental concepts.
  • Management concepts.
  • ISO 14001 requirements.
  • Review of exiting systems.


Personnel with basic management and/or administrative skills and knowledge, and who will be required to play a role in the establishment, implementation and/or maintenance of an environmental management system within their organisation.


This course can be run over:

  • one day (for between 4 to 12 participants); or
  • two days (for between 6 to 24 participants).


All presenters of this course hold formal nationally-recognised auditing qualifications in environmental management systems and are experienced trainers and facilitators.


All participants will be supplied with a copy of the training material presented.

Typically, participants will be expected to bring a copy of ISO 14001 (for the practice session), a copy of their organisation’s environmental management system (if possible and practicable), along with any necessary writing material for personal use.


Participants will be assessed by the presenter through their performance in practice sessions, and the results of a written test.

Participants who successfully complete the course will be issued a “Certificate of Achievement”.

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