ISO 9001 gets a quality check

The world’s favorite standard remains as relevant as ever. Following release of the ISO 9001 User Survey Report and Infographic, ISO 9001 and its requirements for quality management systems has just passed its “warrant of fitness”.

Like all ISO standards, ISO 9001, the standard used by millions of organizations around the globe, undergoes a systematic review every five years to decide whether it is still valid or needs updating. This process is important so as to provide confidence that the standard remains relevant and meets the needs of its users globally.

As such, the subcommittee responsible for the standard undertook a number of activities including discussions with committee members and a survey of ISO 9001 users. The result was that no revision was needed and the latest version of ISO 9001 still provides as much value to those implementing the standard as it did when it was last updated in 2015.

ISO will continue to evaluate and monitor any possible market or other changes that could impact the standard and propose a revision if and when required.

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